Daily Drawing #19 – Sturgeon’s Law

“90% of everything is crap”. Sounds bad, but actually very true. I learned about it from here: https://withoutbullshit.com/blog/railing-against-sturgeons-law

Actually, if you think about this law, it’s a revelation:

  • As a consumer, don’t be so stressed out of consuming all the contents around you and on Social Media. Most of them are crap anyway. Pick a few good ones and be content.
  • As a creator, don’t worry about creating bad stuff. Perfect never happens in the first few tries. Most other stuff out there are crap anyway. So, release it. And learn from it.
  • As a creator, put more effort to make your stuff good. Isn’t it a nice feeling when we can look back at our product and confidently say that “It’s most likely to be better than 90% of the other products”?

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