Daily Drawing #31 – Learn something every day with Podcasts

I LOVE Podcast. It is the perfect way for me to keep my brain engaged and learn something new every day. With Podcast, the time I must spend on mindless but essential activities such as commuting (1 hour a day!), exercise, housework etc. can all be turned into learning time. Even when I am not in the mood of learning, fun podcasts can entertain me while still sharpening my English listening skills a bit more. And there are podcasts channel for any topics I have interest in; not just leadership, business, general science but even instructional design, software engineering, and data science.

If you have never tried Podcasts, try it. Much more fun and accessible than Audio Books. And they are free. Here are some channels which I like, you can search for them in your podcast app of choice:

  • Jordan Harbinger Show – Personal Development topic – Great guy. The show length is about 1 hour, perfect for the daily commute.
  • TED Radio Hour – an amazingly entertaining and well-done compilation of great ideas from different TED talks.
  • Wow in the World – Fun Science for Kids – I used to listen to this fun show while running. It’s light, entertaining, and helped out on keeping the feet on the road.
  • Manager Tools.
  • Planet Money and Today Explained – Economic/News – ~20 minutes – Great production quality. Pay attention to how they are using music and interruption, how they are telling stories. Paying attention to how effectively they are persuading you will also train you a bit on avoiding bias.
  • Curiosity Daily – Random fun fact on general Science – Around 10 minutes, fun, conversation, perfect for walking breaks during the workday.
  • 6 minutes grammar from BBC – I used to listen to this show during the months preparing for the IELTS test.
  • Freakonomics – Economic – Both fun and informative. .
  • HBR Ideacast – Business Academic – Oh boy. Seldom there are golden ideas here, but prepare yourself for the high level of academic-beating-around-the-bush. Have a try with the episode about Operation Transparency (which – in itself – is a good idea!) and admire how the professor answers (or not?, I am not sure) the questions.

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