Daily Drawing #25 – Feedback Model (Manager-Tools)

After One-on-One – which is the recommended method to Get to know your people, the next critical behavior an effective manager must engage in is Communicate about Performance. And the recommended tool to do that is this Feedback Model. Learn more about it here: https://www.manager-tools.com/node/98050/view

Daily Drawing #22 – Bao nhiêu tiền là đủ?

Mấy hôm nay hot trend cái câu “Tiền nhiều để làm gì”. Có người bạn cảm thán “Tôi chả quan tâm tiền nhiều để làm gì, tôi chỉ cần biết làm gì để nhiều tiền”. Quá hay. Huy Dũng ngồi nghĩ tiền nào gọi là đủ nhiều? Thấy Shark Phú bảo, mỗi gia đình CHỈContinue reading “Daily Drawing #22 – Bao nhiêu tiền là đủ?”

Daily Drawing #21 – 4 critical behaviors of an effective manager

The Effective Manager book resonated with me partly thanks to Mark’s way of persuasion matches perfectly with my way of thinking: Principles First. Before diving into specific techniques that an effective manager should do, the book first discusses the 4 core behaviors that an effective manager should do, regardless of techniques and tactics. And boysContinue reading “Daily Drawing #21 – 4 critical behaviors of an effective manager”

Daily Drawing #20 – Defining “Effective Manager”

How do you define an Effective Manager? The answer may simply be just 2 Rs. Results. And Retention. Read more here: https://files.manager-tools.com/files/public/product-samples/The%20Effective%20Manager%20Sample.pdf The book “The Effective Manager” is a great read. It’s not a best-seller. But I find it super practical and insightful. It had a huge influence on me recently. Highly highly recommend. I’llContinue reading “Daily Drawing #20 – Defining “Effective Manager””

Daily Drawing #19 – Sturgeon’s Law

“90% of everything is crap”. Sounds bad, but actually very true. I learned about it from here: https://withoutbullshit.com/blog/railing-against-sturgeons-law Actually, if you think about this law, it’s a revelation: As a consumer, don’t be so stressed out of consuming all the contents around you and on Social Media. Most of them are crap anyway. Pick aContinue reading “Daily Drawing #19 – Sturgeon’s Law”

Daily Drawing #18 – Judging strangers

The interesting insight today came from this podcast: https://curiosity.com/topics/according-to-a-harvard-psychologist-people-judge-you-based-on-two-criteria-curiosity/. Naturally, I am an awkward introvert. I heard direct feedback about my “strange”, “weirdo” behaviors from my team members and colleagues before. The naive me 5 years ago totally thought people may not notice that I avoid looking to their face in the corridors, yeah…. NowadaysContinue reading “Daily Drawing #18 – Judging strangers”