Instructional Design and Technology – MicroMaster portfolio

I’m Huy Dũng, currently Production Manager in Gameloft Ha Noi, Viet Nam. This section is the portfolio of my work in the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMaster on edx.

I started working full-time in 2008 as a web developer, and then as a game programmer, before switching to the managerial track in 2013.

During all of my previous jobs, I have always put a huge focus on sharing and training, as I have a passion for teaching. I’m taking this MicroMaster to gain a deeper understanding and new skills to become better at designing and delivering training.

Course 1: Learning Theories
Not started
Explore emerging learning theories and interactive technologies to create engaging experiences for today’s connected students.
Course 2: Instructional Design Models
In Progress
Explore traditional and current instructional design models as I develop my own outline of an online course.
Course 3: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology
Not started
Explore the design, development and use of digital media and emerging technologies to support online teaching and learning.

Course 4: Course Evaluation & Capstone Project
Not Started
Develop my Instructional Design & Technology MicroMasters capstone project while I learn course evaluation models to assess the impact of design on the learning environment.