Instructional Design and Technology

Welcome to my portfolio which documents my learning journey in the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMaster at edx!

I am Dũng.Nguyễn Huy, currently a Production Manager in an international Game Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. I started working full-time in 2008 as a web developer, and then as a game programmer, before switching to the managerial track in 2013. During all of my previous jobs, I have always put a huge focus on sharing and training, as I have a passion for teaching.

I’m taking this MicroMaster to gain a deeper understanding and acquire new skills to become better at designing and delivering training, especially to develop my own eLearning courses.

I took this MicroMaster part-time since early 2019 and expect to finish it by Spring 2020.

Please visit the links below for details on each course in the MicroMaster