W1 – Digital Media Checklist

In the first week, I got introduced to the Open Education Resource (OER) movement and tasked with creating a checklist to evaluate any ODR that I want to use/reuse.

I think there are at least 3 use-cases here:

  • I want to embed an OER resource as a part in my own course design. For example, a single illustration, a short video on a specific concept, etc embedded in a slide.
  • I want to revise or remix and OER resources
    • It can be on a micro scale. For example: annotating an illustration.
    • It can also be on a macro scale. For example: Taking a full OER course, rearrange, add and remove some components, and then deliver it to the learners.
  • I want to reference an OER or set it as a prerequisite to my course. For example, the OER is a full course/module that I want to reuse 100%. For example, instead of building my own course on User Experience (UX) Design in a mobile game, I can find a full course on UX that suites my purpose first, assign all the learners to finish that course. On my part, I will only create a small module discussing the topics which are game-specific.

So a Digital Media Checklist should have criteria which are flexible enough to be used for each case. I developed this one for now. Link to the full sheet.