Instructional Design Models

This page houses my work in the first course in the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMaster, exploring the different models an instructional designer can employ during the whole process of initiating, design, and execute an instruction project.

W4. Understanding By Design
For this week, I submitted this doc as a requirement: I really like this approach, I also created an illustration for it in my Daily Drawing Challenge.
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W5. Rapid eLearning Model
Rapid Instructional Design is an umbrella term – as far as I can see. There is no single definition or process which are being agreed by experts and designers as the “standard”. Among various concepts, I really like Meier’s Four-Phase Learning cycle (Preparation, Creative Presentation, Practice, and Performance) which matches…
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W8. Adaptive Learning
What is Adaptive Learning Adaptive Learning is personalized learning at scale and focus on mastery before moving on. It provide the best-suited just-in-time content, assessment, feedback etc. to different students. Traditionally, educators knew that personalized teaching and supporting is the best way to ensure learning happen effectively, but it requires a…
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